Thomas Rosenbaum

Thomas Rosenbaum is an Ann Arbor artist who works in various mediums and styles and was characterized by one of his former teachers as a chameleon.  He has attended numerous workshops and classes in pursuit of better ways to express his art through oil paints, acrylic, charcoal, encaustic (bees wax and resin), watercolor and pastel.  

Thomas is recently exhibited at several venues in Michigan, Illinois and Florida.  He is a member of the Scarab Club, Ann Arbor Art Center, the Arts Alliance, The Alliance for the Arts (Florida), Ft. Myers Beach Art Association, Ft. Myers Art association, Big Arts Sanibel, the Ann Arbor Women’s Artists, and the Scarab Club.  He hosted a weekly life drawing at his Studio sponsored by the AAWA, and also attends life drawing sessions at the Scarab Club in Detroit and EMU.  He recently won awards for his encaustic works at two AAWA events. 

His most recent interests have taken him into exploration of ways to depict the human figure in charcoal, pastel and watercolor.  He is influenced by the pastels of Degas the oils of Renoir, the abstract expressions of Willem DeKooning, the drawing of Egon Schiele, as well as the evolution of Picasso’s works.  He is generally influenced by the post impressionists, abstract expressionists and mid-century modern design, as well as contemporary artists such as Harry Ally, Dan McCaw, and Malcolm Liepke.  He loves to paint outdoors and has participated annually in the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival, an event that he founded as a member of this community art society. As a clinical psychologist, he has a special interest in the human spirit which he attempts to capture in his work. He has studied the history of art and the life of artists greatly influencing his present post-modern impressionism.

Thomas’ recent works include portraits of make-up models from a Raw Artists Show in Detroit, and his seascapes in oil from Laguna California based on a recent visit to this beautiful area of the country.  The artist’s creative goal is to record his memories from both memories and his imagination resulting in a large inventory of work over his many years of painting and drawing.  

Thomas Rosenbaum


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