I don’t ever remember a time without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from St. Louis University with a special interest in oil painting. Upon graduating, I experimented in several fields of art and various mediums, including pottery and glassblowing. Eventually I returned to my first love, oil painting.

My plein air paintings express different aspects of my personality and appreciation of diversity in my environment. I try to expand my horizons by being both curious and observant. I appreciate both natural tableaus and human creations. Starting with that raw material, the subject I select for a painting elicits an intuitive feeling in me–for example, softness, majesty, strength, or happiness–and stands out in the scene I choose. To convey that feeling on a blank canvas, I use various brushes across the painting to create sweeps of color, texture, and thickness throughout, paving a pathway for the viewer’s eye to follow. When all the painting’s elements unite to create the desired feeling, the work is finished.

Pam’s Work