My interest in art dates back to childhood, when my mother taught art in the public school system and also painted at home. She also designed draperies and ran a small silk-screen business out of our home. Camping and hiking was a big part of my childhood, and this continued this as an adult, sharing many camping and canoe trips with my wife and son. I also started getting into photography, taking many nature photos. I had some drawing and painting in college and returned to this in my 40s when I began painting from the live model, taking community art classes, and later started plein-air painting with a group, the Michigan Plein Air Painters.  Gradually painting became my passion, and “took over”.  Landscapes are my main passion, both plein air and studio work.  Now many of my studio paintings start with a plein air study, along with photo references. Nature is still the primary subject matter, but I also do some more urban paintings and scenes from my neighborhood in Detroit.

Brant’s Work