Steve Burdick is an award-winning artist and retired instructional designer from the University of Michigan. He was encouraged to draw and paint from a very early age. Steve believes that imagination and creativity are not ‘learned’ skills; rather, they are innately human characteristics to be nurtured and fostered throughout one’s life.

He likes the immediacy of pastel and the fluidity of oils. Mr. Burdick says, “Painting is a journey; a chance to slow down, explore, and discover.” By pushing the boundaries of light, shadow and color, Steve recreates indelible images from fleeting moments, transforming the transient to something permanent, the ephemeral to the tangible.

His work has been featured on the covers of the Ann Arbor Observer. He has received the People’s Choice Award (SOAD Alumni Show) and Best In Category (UMHS Gift of Art Exhibition). Steve’s work has been chosen for exhibit at the University of Michigan, The Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce, The Dexter District Library, and the ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids.

Mr. Burdick resides with his family in Dexter Michigan. His online gallery can be seen at

Steve’s Work