Michael Dority grew up in downeast Maine and first came to Michigan in the early 80s for his undergraduate education. Following several years, living in Ecuador, he returned to Maine for his graduate education, and then eventually moved back to Michigan to work as a research microbiologist. Throughout all of this time, one constant was his interest in drawing. He came into the world of painting late, but finds oil paint to be his preferred medium for exploring light, color, and line. His favorite subjects are the common scenes and objects of normal life, and the stories therein. 

Michael began painting under guidance by Nancy Flanagan and Claudia Selene, and has attended workshops with Terry Miura, Greg LaRock, Tim Horn, and Scott Conary. He is a member of the Chelsea Painters, Huron River Art Collective, and Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association. Honors include awards for drawing  (University of Michigan Gifts of Art Program) and for his plein air work (Paint Dexter).

Michael’s Work