Welcome new and returning artists!

This short guide helps you understand the requirements for participation in the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival.

Online registration is necessary to participate. Artists must register on or before June 1st (for Professional) or July 1st (for Emerging). No walk-ons.

See the registration page for availability and to register. Registration availability will be announced via email newsletter and Facebook.

Requirements and Guidelines

The following lists detail the criteria you and your artwork must meet in order to submit pieces.

Please read both lists carefully.

Participant Requirements
  1. You must be 18 years or older.
  2. Registration Fees: NONE
  3. You must CHECK-IN at one of the scheduled check-in times and have your papers or canvases stamped
    • You can have as many canvasses stamped as you want.
    • You may only submit to the Festival up to three (3) main competition pieces created during the week, one (1) quick draw piece created during the Friday Quick Draw, and up to 2 reserve pieces, which may be pieces created this year or created during prior Paint Dexter Plein Air Festivals.
  4. Watercolor “block pads” will not be stamped at check-in. Single sheets of paper only.
  5. All work must be created solely by the artist and done completely from life.
  6. All work must be completed within Dexter Community School District and Lima Township east of Chelsea. Map link.
  7. No mechanical or photographic assistance is to be employed.
  8. All work is to be completed during the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival (current or prior).
  9. Painting is permitted outdoors at night.
Requirements for Submitted Artwork
  1. All paintings must begin on a white or toned ground.
  2. Artwork size must be no larger than 24” (including frame) on any side.
  3. Frames should not exceed 4” in width.
  4. Unframed gallery wrapped art must be at least 1” in depth and edges must be pre-painted with an acrylic paint.
  5. Watercolor “block pads” will not be stamped at check-in. Single sheets of paper only.
  6. Work on paper must be framed and under glass/Plexiglas.
  7. Don’t forget to sign your artwork.
  8. Only artwork stamped and painted during the week can be sold. Festival staff must be able to check the back of the canvass or paper for the stamp prior to framing/hanging.
  9. All artwork submitted for competition must be for sale.
  10. Selling of artwork outside the festival is discouraged and contrary to the spirit of the festival.
    • Price your paintings commensurate with your normal pricing structure plus shipping.
  11. The Dexter Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee and Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival representatives reserve the right to disqualify any work deemed objectionable or that does not adhere to the rules and guidelines of the competition. All decisions of representatives of the Dexter Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee and Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival will be final.
Art Sales

Sales commission is 30% to the Dexter Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee, the event sponsor, and 70% to the artist, and is required for all paintings sold. Please take this into consideration when setting price. All work that is submitted must be for sale. No NFS (Not For Sale) artwork is allowed as part of the presentation exhibit. Paintings must be priced in accordance with the artist’s current pricing structure. All sales handled by the City of Dexter. Artists will receive payment within two weeks of the sale.

How to Wire a Frame
Frame Requirements