Participating Artists

Below are the professional and emerging artists for this year’s Paint Dexter Plain Air Festival. As artists register, their names will be added to the list. The Professional artists will be added after the jurying process in early June following their June 1st registration deadline and Emerging artists will be added as they register leading up to their July 1st registration deadline.

Professional Artists

Will be posted and announced once the jurying process is completed following the June 1st deadline.

Emerging Artists

Pamela Adams

Kalika Antao

Vicki Berry

Cheryl Boc- Chidester

Susan Craig

Patricia Davenport

Mary Dice

Rob Dice

Janet Dunbar

Katerina Emmons

Violet Flores

Mary Humitz

Lauren Kingsley

Patty Londy

Christine Ludwig

Dawn MacDonald

Kaitlin Monash

Andrea Rose

Cathy Selin

Carolyn Speer

Martha Sprout

Bob Tappe

Jenny Tiedemann

Samuel Turner

Claudia Twigg

Leslie Weston

Myung Yim