Participating Artists

Below are the professional and emerging artists for this year’s Paint Dexter Plain Air Festival. For the Professional category, this is the official list for the 2022 festival. More names will be added under the Emerging category as individuals register for this year’s festival. Registration for the Emerging category closes July 1st.

Emerging Artists

Jonny Adamczyk

Debra Adiar

Connor Allen

Irina Beskina

Steve Burdick

Claudia Burns

Lisabeth Curnow

Bill Currie

Patricia Davenport

Kaili Dence

Mary Dice

Rob Dice

Leslie Dietsch

Michael Dority

Susan Ervin

Spike Hains

Joseph Harmon

Jan Herricks

Dawn Johnson

Laura Klein

Laurie Lehman

Patty Londy

Darlene McBroom

Kim Kwaz McKerracher

John Murrel

Mary Parsons

Grace Queen

Robert Reilly

James Rodriguez

Andrea Rose

Crystal Schupbach

Ronald Sharp

Donald Sharpe

Andy Tanguay

Michael Tavares

Don Vella