Margaret Robinson

After a fifty-year hiatus from painting I am now playing in paints.  I find myself smiling and chuckling while applying paint. 

I look at colors and shapes, at visual complex energy and calm nodals, and watch changing light.  Some artists intellectualize, me – I’m trying to make pleasing compositions that are stimulating reflection and fun.  We all are fueled by our observations and imagination.  Today I believe a picture after achieving great composition, pleasing contrapuntal forms, and perhaps challenging colors is to be a tool to lead the viewer to observe, think, and muse to their own amusement and satisfaction.   

Attending a public school system with a diverse art program and Saturday classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Cleveland Art Museum gave me basic art skills and knowledge.  As an architect I continually traveled, looked, dabbled in pen and ink and sculpture but also took evening classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Recent instructors have included David Dunlop, Mathew Lee,  Frank Lalumina, and Lorin Willey. 

Margaret’s Work